How to Regrout a Shower Wall

One of the main reasons your shower wall may be leaking is because of moisture. This can stain grout which may result in your shower looking a little grubby. One of the solutions you can do is regrout shower. Here’s how to do it!

What are the tools you need:

  • Grout shaper
  • Grout spreader
  • Towel
  • Sponge
  • Cloth

Steps in regrouting shower wall

  • Remove your old grout

You must first remove the old grout. To do this, regrout shower by using a grout rake. This will help remove grout at least half the thickness of your shower wall tiles. Start with the vertical joints then the horizontal joints.

Grout is available in powder form and pre-mixed form. The process of regrout shower can be done with either. It’s also available in varying colours too! Ensure that you have enough to cover the area to make it waterproof. Furthermore, when mixing your grout, do not add too much water because you may not be able to apply this without seeping out the joints. You also need to ensure the consistency of the mixture.

  • Apply the new grout

Once you’ve prepared the grout, you can now apply it. Shower repairs can be tricky and complex, so seek professional help when needed. Simply take a small amount of grout and press it onto the area. You can use a grout spreader for this. Keep doing this until all the joints are adequately grouted.

A few reminders to keep in mind include wearing gloves when applying the grout. You must also avoid using any harsh cleaning chemicals, at least until it has completely set.

  • Remove any excess grout

Another thing to keep in mind is to ensure that the tiles do not have any excess grout. You can do this by using your sponge to go over your shower wall tiles. Make sure to do it carefully so that you do not drag the grout from the tiles on your shower wall. Once you do this, say goodbye to your leaking shower in Sydney!

  • Finish the joints using a grout shaper

The next step would include a grout shaper. This is used when the grout has slightly hardened. Proceed to finish the joints off so it looks much neater. Press a little more grout using your finger or your sponge if you notice any gaps.

  • Polish using a soft cloth

As the grout dries, you may notice a bit of powdery film appearing on it. Not to worry because you can easily scrape and polish it off with a soft clean cloth.

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