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We have been real estate investors for more than thirty five years. My team and I have been in the industry as it experience economic setbacks. Inflation has had an effect on the financial capabilities of investors to purchase and invest on real estate properties.

Over time, we have noticed that people tend to cut back on spending on less urgent expenses during the onset of inflation. People have the tendency to spend money on food, rent, clothing, and medical expenses first before everything else as prices of almost all items and services rise. With this said, we have seen people cutting back on their willingness to risk buying real estate properties the more unstable the economy is. These individuals fear that bad economic conditions may push them to become victims of untoward incidents such risks may bring.

In turn, my team and I lose partners to do real estate business with as this situation occurs consistently every time inflation sets in. We do encourage potential investors of properties to think-out-of-the box to come up with ways to minimize risks associated with real estate investment during inflation. One of these means is to keep an eye out on the promotion offers of banks to provide no or low add-on rates on housing loans. Once real estate investors get these loans, they’ll have back-up financial resources to utilize in case economic woes cause untoward damages on real estate investments.

Australia, in particular, is currently going through a crisis in the housing rental market. During this year, the country has seen a rise in demand for housing rentals than what the supply can offer for availabilities. When the international ports of entry reopen, the country down under is going to experience a tougher crisis in the housing industry.

Australia’s government may have to implement a national funding program to sustain the lack of housing availability for some members of its population. Just like what other people may be thinking, my team and I are assuming that a strain in financial resources may cause the Australian government to have the inability to provide housing to almost, if not, all of the members of its community on a national level. The growth in real estate investment may be the key to making housing spaces available to Australians on a stable basis. Corresponding growth in other business industries and multiple job markets may enhance the financial capabilities of Australians to become potential real estate investors.

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